Yureli White

Director of Business & People Operations

Keeping the engine running

Yureli is core to the success of various operations at PEC and has been a true “Jane of all Trades” holding multiple positions across all areas of the business during her tenure. As Director of Business & People Operations Yureli continues the work she’s been doing to spearhead HR and recruiting while aligning our company vision and culture to all key processes. In her business operations role, she handles commercial insurance, business licensing and contract management responsibilities while overseeing the day-to-day smooth operations of our physical and remote locations.  

Her diverse workload keeps her skills sharp as each day presents new and exciting challenges.

Yureli is excited to be a part of Pacific Energy Concepts and its enthusiastic, driven culture – she shares similar passions for growth and sustainability, and her determination pushes PEC to reach its goals.

You can find Yureli…

Staying active, playing sports, and spending time with her family!

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