Up to 70% off your lighting project

PSE rebate programs make it a perfect time to do an energy efficiency project

A lighting project is one of the best ways to upgrade your commercial and industrial spaces and create multi-pronged impact through a single project. And there’s never been a better time to strike – a new PSE program covers up to 70% of the project cost!

PEC handles the entire process from audit to design and incentives to implementation, so not only will this be the most impactful efficiency project you’ve ever seen, it will also be the most painless.

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce monthly energy bills

Tap into incentives

Improve safety

See the impact

See the impact of our energy efficiency project on Davis Wire. With drastically improved light levels, not only does this project improve safety but has reduced energy spend on lighting by 53%.

Energy reduced by


Incentives captured


Annual savings


Payback period

1.64 Years

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Zero Percent Financing

A consultative financing program, PEC Capital is designed with our Commercial & Industrial customers in mind.

This new program offers a solution to companies like yours who want to implement energy-efficient lighting and energy solutions. PEC Capital enables you to pay for your project over time with the savings generated by the project.

PEC Capital offers flexible financing solutions, including a 0% financing option for qualified customers, covering all costs associated with your project. We’ve simplified the funding process by utilizing a digital approval process that is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment

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