Northwest Pipe Company

Lighting upgrades for safety and performance

Before an LED Retrofit upgrade

The Challenge

Northwest Pipe Company is North America’s largest manufacturer of engineered steel pipe water systems. They custom manufacture products for a wide variety of applications. Their process entails complex welding utilizing large equipment at high temperatures. Safety was a primary concern for Northwest Pipe and the facility was significantly underlit in areas where important work was being done.

Northwest Pipe LED lighting upgrade results

The Solution

Our solution replaced the energy-guzzling T8 fluorescent lamp lighting with high quality LED solutions. We not only reduced the number of fixtures installed but provided light-levels that ensured areas, where heavy machinery was running, were appropriately lit.


financial impact
Financial Impact
  • Displaced Energy 199,609 kWhs
  • Annual Energy Savings $18, 562
  • Incentives Raised Through State $156,895
Environmental Impact
  • CO2 Removed 121.4 Tons
  • Acres of Trees Planted 36.6
  • Gallons of Gas Saved 16,478

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