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Setting the standard for lighting design

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With more than 189 dealership locations, automotive giant Lithia Motors hired their lighting design and infrastructure needs out to a variety of electrical contractors. The result? Wide inconsistencies across lighting projects and sites. The company understood the importance of lighting not only for merchandising efforts – but also in providing optimal working conditions to retain quality technicians in service bays. Lithia sought a partner who could deliver turnkey solutions for their many locations, and stand by the quality of the finished product.

“As a repeat client of Pacific Energy Concepts over the last 5 years, I can say that our results at Lithia stores across the country have been tremendous. When upgrading your lot lighting or your lighting in the showroom and shop, the cheapest solution is often the worst solution. If the company making a proposal to you does not show you the potential cost savings AND the performance results (ie existing and retrofitted footcandle readings), they are doing you a dis-service. If you still have metal halide lights anywhere at your dealership, now is the time to consider a retrofit. Every day you wait results in wasted dollars.”
– Director of Real Estate, Lithia Motors
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PEC worked closely with Lithia to develop what is now known as the Lithia Standard – a set of proprietary guidelines used to create lighting consistency across all properties, from the front line area display to the rear storage areas. Delivering more than just energy savings, we designed and installed custom lighting controls to “future-proof” each facility by ensuring continued compliance in a world of constantly evolving energy codes. Today, PEC has completed almost 300 projects with Lithia and continues to be one of their most trusted partners for both renovations and design-build construction.


financial impact
Financial Impact
  • Annual Energy Savings $990,080
  • Expense Covered by Incentives: $1,088,608
  • Rate of Return on Investment: 3.08 Years
  • Increase in Light Levels 70%
Environmental Impact
  • Displaced Capacity 3,271,29 KW
  • Displaced Energy: 12,212,719 KWH
Lithia motors after a successful PEC lighting design

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