Lighting solutions designed to a set standard

The Challenge

Allura makes fiber cement products for home construction and remodeling. Their facility runs 24-hr /7-day operations, producing a range of fiber cement products and utilizing heavy machinery. The existing lighting system was an energy guzzler and resulted in expensive energy bills. Additionally, safety was a primary concern for Allura and the facility’s exterior lighting did not meet IES light-level standard requirements to provide either a safe or productive environment.

The Solution

Our exterior lighting solution replaced the outdated existing HID technology with LED. The new system reduced energy consumption by 240,747 kWhs and resulted in significant annual utility savings freeing up over $20,000 in annual cash-flow. More importantly, however, light-level standards were implemented vastly improving visibility enabling a safer, more productive environment.


financial impact
Financial Impact
  • Annual Energy Savings $20,464
  • Displaced Energy 240,747 kWhs
  • Incentives Raised Through State $44,481
Environmental Impact
  • CO2 Removed 146.4 Tons
  • Acres of Trees Planted 44.2
  • Gallons of Gas Saved 19873.9

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