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By helping our customers meet their energy goals, our team at PEC has helped them save a massive 2,152,795 tons of C02 since 2009. But what does that look like? See the big-picture impact of these energy savings in our latest video below:

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Creating a better world often starts by making changes on a small scale over time those changes become something bigger from a deeply rooted belief that our impact matters not just to the people we work with but to our planet. We at PEC set out to impact energy waste by creating solutions that deliver powerful results.

But it’s really our customers desire to take action that drives grand ambitions to tangible outcomes. Their choices create profound change that not only improve the performance of their facilities, but demonstrate an investment in the future of our planet.

Since 2009, PEC has garnished over 3 Billion kWh in energy savings — equating to over 2,152,795 tons of C02 avoided from entering the atmosphere.

To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to

  • 2,381,871,973 pounds of coal burned, which is enough coal to fill the entire Rose Bowl Stadium 2.29 times; or
  • 242,240,886 gallons of gasoline, which could feel 367 Olympic size swimming pools; or
  • Enough electricity 418,879 homes for 1 year

And that number is just the beginning!

Ready to make a difference?

See why over 5,000 businesses across the US and Canada — including the likes of Costco, IKEA, Alaska Airlines, Epiroc, Daltile and beyond — turn to PEC as a trusted partner to reach their sustainability goals. Get in touch below and see how we can help you craft a strategy to meet your ESG initiatives and drive your business forward.

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