Energy Trust of Oregon: Fast acting doors and LED lights save Scenic Fruit $50,000 annually in utility costs

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PEC is happy to be features in this great blog article from Energy Trust of Oregon on a recent LED retrofit we helped complete for Scenic Fruit Company.

As part of a larger energy efficiency effort, PEC helped Scenic Fruit reduce their energy usage by more than 50,000 kWh — replacing over 100 lights throughout the facility with energy-efficient LED, plus integrating motion sensors to adjust light levels when spaces weren’t in use — equating to over $3,000/year in annual energy savings.

Special thanks to Jake Mabe of Scenic Fruits for the quote:

“The lights are fantastic . . . They’re all on sensors now, so they go off 20 seconds after you move out of range. That’s been a very nice thing.”

Read the full article on the Energy Trust of Oregon blog to learn about Scenic Fruits larger sustainability efforts:

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