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Working extensively in the  steel industry our energy efficient LED lighting projects are helping our customers improve their operating performance, save money, increase productivity, make their facilities safer and meet their sustainability commitments. We understand the pain points of the steel industry and have solved some of the most complex lighting challenges in the business.

Importance of lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in any steel facility, making up 40% of it’s energy expense. In such demanding environments poor and inefficient systems can not only cost you wasted money on energy bills, disruptive maintenance and depleted productivity, but even more urgently can impact safety of your work environment.

Modern LED solutions

Simply put energy efficient LED lighting retrofits will transform both the lighting quality of your spaces and the efficiency of your operations, helping you to run efficiently, save money, work happy, and protect the planet. However, these key performance pillars can only be achieved with a targeted and custom lighting design that understands your space and knows how to solve your specific pain points.

LEDs use about 80% less electricity than incandescent and around 25-35% less energy than fluorescents. 

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce monthly energy bills

Improve safety

Increase productivity

Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co.

PEC’s full turn-key projects under 4 different companies in the Reliance family have made a huge sitewide impact with LED lighting upgrades that both improve light levels and efficiency. Average lighting energy use is down 74%, giving annual energy savings of 3,469,961 kWh which translates into savings of $457,845 including maintenance savings.  Furthermore, they have a significant impact on Reliance’s sustainability metrics.

PEC handled absolutely everything I needed them to, whether it be installation schedule, incentives, material storage or working on different shifts to avoid slowing down production. I can’t over state this enough, they completely over exceeded all expectations, great project from beginning to end.

-James Peterson, Director of Plant Operations, EMJ Metals, Schaumburg, IL

Energy reduced by


Annual kWh saved


Annual savings


Annual Co2 reduction

2,110 Tons

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Northwest Pipe - Portland, OR

See the impact we PEC created at this Ryerson The results speak for themselves. Check out our interior LED retrofit upgrade of Northwest Pipe’s Portland, OR location.

Annual energy saving

199,609 kWh

Incentives processed


Annual savings

$18, 562

Annual Co2 reduction

121 Tons

The lighting project is working out – great in a single word!

Our electric bill has been 48-52% LESS than what it was with the old lighting. The sensors are working well, and we only light the areas of the warehouse with activity.

The LED lights have other results as well.

SAFETY – the brighter lights have made us more aware of our surroundings and therefore a much safer place to work. Also, our electrical panels are running cool to the touch where before they were so hot you couldn’t touch the breaker covers.

The only problem I have is why I didn’t approve it sooner!

-Vice President/CEO,
The Steel Supply Company

See the impact

This steel manufacturing facility was extremely underlit. Their light-levels were at only half the minimum IES standard for manufacturing (30-50 Foot Candles). At 50% of the recommended minimums, we would assume productivity loses, and mfg errors, higher safety incident rates, all due to lower than necessary light levels. In addition to improving safety PEC’s lighting solution saved them $110,914 in annual energy spend!

Ryerson - Memphis, TN

See the impact we PEC created at this Ryerson Memphis, Tennessee site. Our custom lighting designs noticeably Improve light levels, creating a brighter, safer, and more productive environment, all while reducing energy use by a massive 67%! This translates directly into annual energy savings of $38,990 and a significant reduction of costly and disruptive maintenance.

Energy reduced by


Annual kWh saved


Annual savings


Annual Co2 reduction

191 Tons

2,242,641,933 kWhs of energy saved for our customers … 

That’s the equivalent of 1,756,650,311 pounds of coal burned! 

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