Energy audit

How much energy does your company waste? What can an LED retrofit save you annually? Let’s find out.

Our process

Environmental analysis

Every project begins with a walk-through and complete evaluation of your unique lighting needs and objectives.

Site evaluation

Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your site — compiling existing infrastructure data, measuring building dimensions, and performing a complete on-site analysis.

Customized solution

We establish clear directives, present customized solutions for your unique space demands, and establish how we will add value to your building.

What is an energy audit?

A PEC energy audit immediately follows our energy assessment. We walk-through and evaluate your lighting needs and objectives. After we’ve figured what you need your lighting to accomplish and why we’ll begin our energy audit by collecting all the data we’ll need to make those lighting goals a reality.

Pacific Energy Concepts technician performing an on-site energy audit

Why do we perform energy audits?

Energy audits are an essential part of our proprietary approach to designing customized lighting solutions. We need to understand your current lighting system on a technical level–light-levels, foot candles, fixture counts, etc.–in order to demonstrate exactly how we are substantially improving your lighting.


An energy audit helps us make sure our new lighting solution not only improves your business on aesthetic and safety terms, but also has a substantial impact on the visible light in your facility, and power and cost efficiencies.

PEC employee conducting an energy audit by taking down measurements from a fuse box

How does an energy audit work?

During an energy audit, our experts review your past and present power bills, measure your building’s dimensions, determine which lights you use the most, when you use them, why, and how much power your business consumes.


In short, during our energy audit we’ll figure out exactly how much your existing lighting system is costing you. This complete onsite level analysis of your current lighting, usage and power consumption will be used to prepare your concept proposal.

A warehouse space benefitting from a lighting design created with the help of a comprehensive energy audit

How will an energy audit impact my business?

PEC’s energy audits are impactful for two reasons:


First, the audit serves as a baseline and guide for our lighting design plan. During the design process, we’ll consult this data to ensure that our LED retrofit lighting upgrades plan makes a substantial impact on your bottom-line.


Second, following the audit we will present our audit’s findings to you in full. This information will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your current lighting system and enable us to discuss the most appropriate option for your new system. You’ll know how your lighting works, how much power it consumes, and where it could be more effective. Thanks to the energy audit, you’ll better understand how improved lighting could improve your business.

PEC designs lighting solutions that impact more than your bottom line. Our energy audit phase helps you quantify this impact.

Energy audits in practice

We conduct an energy audit for every project we design and propose. Check out some of our impactful projects:


Allura’s fiber cement production facility utilizes heavy machinery and operates 24/7. Our energy audit revealed that inefficiencies were forcing Allura to spend $28,570 on lighting utilities per year. PEC’s energy audit of Allura’s facility helped us design a lighting solution that…

  • Saves Allura $25,578 every year
  • Paid for itself in 4.33 years
  • Saved 95370.12 kWhs, or approximately 19,873 gallons of gas per year
Alpenrose Diary After

Alpenrose Dairy

Inefficient and ineffective lighting in this Northwestern dairy producer’s facilities was resulting in wasted product, accidents, and wasted power. Thanks to our energy audit of Alpenrose’s lighting systems, PEC was able to design the dairy producer a lighting solution that…

  • Helped Alpenrose save $40,231 on energy costs per year
  • Displaced 464,845kWh of energy per year
  • Paid for itself in 2.89 years
  • Substantially raised day-to-day efficiency
Lithia motors after a successful PEC lighting design

Lithia Motors

Automotive giants Lithia Motors maintain over 140 dealerships and formerly relied on a series of inconsistent and inefficient lighting plans. PEC conducted a series of energy audits to develop the “Lithia Standard,” a set of proprietary lighting guidelines that…

  • Save Lithia Motes $990,080 on energy costs per year
  • Displace 3,271,29 KW of energy every year
  • Increase light levels across each facility by 70%
  • Paid for themselves in 3.08 years

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