Puget Sound Energy Rebate Program

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Last updated: April 2022

Your PSE (Puget Sound Energy) utility provider offers commercial incentives that help you save on energy-efficient upgrade projects and waste-reducing services you’re currently evaluating.

You could qualify to receive up to 70% of the costs covered for an energy efficiency upgrade through PSE and PEC.

There has never been a better time to look at an energy efficiency upgrade. Energy efficient LED lighting retrofits not only significantly reduce energy waste, energy bills, and reduce maintenance, but better light levels improve safety, mood, productivity, and more.

A lighting project is one of the best ways to upgrade your commercial and industrial spaces and create multi-pronged impact through a single project. And there’s never been a better time to strike – a new PSE program covers up to 70% of the project cost!

At PEC we have an in-house team of utility rebate and incentive program experts that guide you through the process ensuring you secure the highest possible rebate to fund your new PEC lighting or energy-efficiency project.

Contact us to find out more about this program and how we can bring you one step closer to making those sustainability dreams a reality.

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