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Flo SmartTWO™ Public EV Chargers


1.2kW | 7.2kW

Equipped with two level 2 charging stations, the SmartTWO-BSR charging station is designed for city curbside installations.

  • Enhanced charging station owner experience – Complete remote management including software and firmware updates
  • Revenue generation – Implement payment services to generate revenue
  • Dual Level 2 charging station



The SmartTWO charging station is designed for public locations subject to harsh weather and vandalism.

  • Unique locking mechanism to protect the connector (U.S. Pat. No. 9,421,878B2); door unlocks on authentication
  • A rugged and reliable design able to withstand harsh weather
  • Modular design to facilitate the installation of additional units and maintenance

Flo CoRe+™ Series EV chargers


1.2kW | 7.2kW

The CoRe+ charging station is specifically designed for private applications such as workplaces, multiunit residential buildings, fleets, and is also suitable for public spaces.

  • PowerSharing™ technology
  • PowerLimiting™ technology

CoRe+ MAX™

1.2kW | 19.2kW

The CoRe+ MAX charging station is ideal for light and medium-duty EV fleets and public charging applications.

  • Fast L2 Charger
  • Long-term durability
  • Power Management
  • Modular Design

SmartDC™ Multi-standard DC fast charging station

50kW | 100kW

Equipped with both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors, the SmartDC charging station is designed to offer a fast, reliable charging experience for every electric vehicle capable of DC fast charging.

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