Precision matters when it comes to LED retrofits

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If you’re currently evaluating a lighting project how do you know you’re getting the very best value?

Evaluating an LED lighting project is a great start. However, true efficiency, safety, and productivity gains will not be achieved from a one for one fixture switch.

Many LED systems miss out on 70% of the value of an optimized system.

Recently, we were called into an automotive dealership that had “upgraded to LED” through a competitor of ours less than a year ago.

You can see here that the LEDs have “shifted color” to this yellow color which shows that “delamination” has occurred. This is due to high temperatures that cause air gaps to open up between the phosphor coating and the LED chip.

Ultimately, this means that the fixture was not suitable for the environment, operating hours, and application it was used for and has now aged prematurely requiring replacement after just one year.

Ensuring you get the greatest lifetime value from your upgrade and maximize the potential of an LED system requires “precision work”.

Precision work starts with:

  • Learning how you use every bit of space
  • Setting a light level standard
  • Learning what your business objectives are (do you want to increase safety, lower annual energy spend, have 1-2 year ROI, increase the value of your property?…)

Success achieving your business objectives relies on the expertise of your lighting upgrade team. They must be able to:

  1. Specifying solutions to your business problems
  2. Design systems to these explicit specifications

Precision specification and lighting design ensure that projects optimize for – not just onebut all of the following:

  • Find more value,
  • Save more money,
  • Consume less energy,
  • Provide the right amount of light,
  • Maximize incentive rebates.

Know the value of what you’re buying (and that it reaches it’s potential)

  • Not all LED Solutions are the same: When comparing LED Lighting solutions & project proposals, you need to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Often, you’ll get what you are willing to invest in.

LEDs can differ in brightness, power use, and lifespan.

If you suspect the proposal you have for an existing lighting project is failing on any one of the above we’d be happy to review it and give you a second opinion. No cost and no obligation – seriously, we love this stuff.

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