How Financing Can Unlock Efficiency Upgrades During A Down Economy

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Economic uncertainty creates a myriad of challenges for facility and plant management teams. Budgets tighten, demand slows, energy costs rise, and employees become stressed — laying out a difficult path to successfully hitting yearly performance targets.

But a down economy doesn’t need to equate to poor performance for your business. 

During times where you must find ways to do more with less, investments into your operational efficiency are the key to unlocking value and continuing to drive your business forward. 

Predictable savings, government rebates, and cashflow positive financing (off balance sheet, in some instances) are all excellent tools to help you get projects off the ground that will not only lean out your excessive energy consumption, but also transform the working environment for your employees.

Hear from some of the PEC team on how you can leverage the low-hanging fruit tied up in an antiquated lighting system to slash carbon emissions and create a safer, happier, and more productive workplace, without the need to deploy capital.

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Advantages of financing LED upgrades during a recession economy:

Efficiency projects make for recession-friendly investments as they allow you to reduce unnecessary spending, freeing up capital that helps the project pay for itself with the savings garnered. How, LED upgrades specifically have a number of key benefits that make them uniquely impactful for C&I businesses looking to preserve cash while hitting performance metrics.

Protect your business from rising energy costs

Energy costs have continuously risen over time. As long as you are turning the lights on to run your business, you are wasting money by continuing to power an outdated, power-hungry lighting system.

Hit emission targets while protecting cash resources

We don’t take shortcuts. Before you commit to a project, our team will come on-site to perform a no-charge energy assessment, collecting the data needed to confidently forecast how much energy you will save with a lighting upgrade. Once that is determined, we can use that data to help you structure a customized, cash flow positive financing plan that pays off your upgrade with the energy savings you collect each month. 

Navigate budget constraints and speed up deployment timelines

The energy savings alone can make an LED upgrade a justifiable investment — but the power of better visibility for your employees is what can transform your business. Our customers have found that investing in the light levels in their facility has led to huge unexpected gains in areas like productivity, safety, retention, and overall employee happiness.

Capture the true value of better visibility

We have seen countless businesses oppose taking on financing costs — but the cost of waiting is a very real and often overlooked expense. Our team will help you compare different financing options vs. the time it would take to access the capital needed pay upfront to confidently determine if financing expenses will outweigh your current energy spending.

See how some of our customers like Jeld-Wen and Milgard had the original goal of reducing energy waste, but discovered huge improvements to their operational efficiency like reduced product waste and increased productivity by 5% after improving their light levels.

Learn more about project financing

Our team is here to help you find the best solution to fund your project. Whether it be through PEC Capital or your preferred bank, we will be your expert guide in collecting the necessary data, modeling your savings over time, and laying out different funding options.

Connect with an expert today to see how we approach crafting a financing plan around your needs.

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