How your building can help fight airborne disease transmission.

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Pathogen transmission (particularly of SARS-CoV-2) through the air is a great concern.

Leaders in facility management are upgrading and monitoring the ventilation systems in their buildings to help reduce the airborne concentration of SARS-CoV-2 and thus reduce the risk of disease transmission through the air.

ASHRAE’s position document on infection aerosols highlights the need for air quality monitoring (IoT enabled sensors) and system improvements as a way to provide safer building environments for customers and staff.[Source:]

Retrofit upgrades to HVAC motors can provide a source of air quality management that increases confidence in the cleanliness of common spaces as customers and staff begin to return to commercial and industrial spaces.

Furthermore, environmental sensors and advanced controls enable building and facility managers to monitor and ensure on-going air quality mitigating the transmission of pathogens in the air.

Businesses should be preparing spaces now to keep their staff and customers safe now and in the future. 

In addition to improving air quality and creating healthier building environments an upgraded software driven motor retrofited to your existing rooftop unit can save on electrical costs ( 50-75% in savings, in fact) providing an ROI that justifies this surprisingly affordable long-term investment.

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