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PEC celebrates ten years delivering energy-efficient lighting solutions with a new look

Leading provider of optimized energy-efficient lighting solutions, PEC (Pacific Energy Concepts), adopts a new look in celebration of their 10 years in business. 

Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC) has become one of the most sought-after service providers in energy conservation solutions. Continuing the pursuit of their mission by providing optimum light, efficiency, aesthetics and generating massive energy-savings for their customers PEC keeps pace with their growth by modernizing their logo and redesigning their website.

Founded in Vancouver, Washington in July 2009, Pacific Energy Concepts (PEC) has expanded dramatically within their first 10 years. As a contributor to energy conversation the company has carved a path for energy-as-a-service (EaaS) with their unique approach to energy-efficient LED lighting solutions.

Over the years, PEC has completed over 7,000 commercial lighting projects, both retrofit upgrades and new construction, in all 50 states and Canada. The new logo and website modernization is a representation of their North American expansion. “It’s important for us to communicate to potential clients that we don’t just serve the Pacific region. Especially now that we’ve opened offices in Chicago and Texas making our acronym, ‘PEC’, more prominent was a natural solution,” said the company’s VP of Business Development & Marketing, Jay Davis.

The company’s expansion throughout North America has been credited to a strong brand identity driven by their company culture. “Our company culture remains the backbone of our business,” stated founder and CEO Keith Scott. “Our four core values; ‘build to last, play to win, push the envelope, and do the right thing’ are essential components to our customer service,” Keith continued.

PEC has a good reputation for knowing how to realize efficiencies far beyond installing LED fixtures. “Our customers choose to work with us because we begin with the end in mind. We meet our clients’ objectives by using the best technology and the best manufacturers. We work backwards to design, specify and implement projects that significantly reduce energy spend, increase operational outcomes, and vastly improve spaces for the people who work in them.” said Gabe Adams, VP of Sales as he highlights that their value-added approach to commercial lighting offers much more than financial savings, impacting both operational efficiency and people performance.

Educating clients on the true potential of their energy-usage is a lengthy process, however, it is a cause PEC is committed to. Their proprietary process assures clients of receiving intelligently designed systems for long-term, maximum savings. “PEC has demonstrated extremely advanced knowledge in light retrofits. The technology used to show you the current lighting status, and the to-be lighting solution is unmatched,” said Reddaway’s VP of Terminal Solutions and customer.

The company hopes the evolved branding will help their team attract and educate more energy-conscious clients in those sectors where they’ve already made a big impact; manufacturing, commercial, automotive, industrial, and big-box retail.

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