Commercial and industrial energy monitoring

Measure, verify, and optimize with ease

It’s time to eliminate gray areas with your energy use.

Turn-key energy monitoring solutions by PEC allow C&I businesses to capture unprecedented energy consumption data in real time — helping you learn your biggest efficiency opportunities and reach your sustainability goals.

Where does your energy go after the meter?

Most businesses are in the dark about their energy use.

With PEC’s power monitoring and power metering solution, you can better understand the overall power quality of your facility, while also measuring exactly how energy flows to each of your power-consuming devices — including motors, compressors, HVAC & lighting systems, and beyond — providing foundational insights for M&V and efficiency opportunities.

Demystifying energy consumption

Gather and analyze in-depth energy consumption data for each component of your facility with PEC Energy Monitoring. This hardware + software solution packages non-invasive measurement sensors with a flexible monitoring dashboard to give energy management teams complete visibility into facility energy use.

Talk to an expert to learn more about this solution, our process, and how monitoring can help you reach your energy goals.

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Measure, verify, and optimize towards your ESG goals

Identify your biggest power consumers and deploy data informed decision making in your energy optimization strategy. optimized system that is future-proofed to maximize performance for years to come.

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Unparalleled insight

Fully metered solution that tracks voltage fluctuations, providing real time power factor data for your facility

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Measure with precision

Pinpoint waste, reveal power quality & expose dirty power


Uncover your weak points

Learn your biggest opportunities for efficiency gains


Compare and benchmark

Compare and benchmark past and present usage



Share energy waste data with your team and key stakeholders


Customized to your needs

Custom dashboards to suit your reporting requirements

Energy monitor components

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Wireless power monitoring and power metering sensors

Small, non-intrusive sensors (or CT’s) that easily snap on on to the wires in your electrical panel. Once commissioned, the sensors begin taking real-time measurements of the current flowing through the wires to each power consuming device in the facility.

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Data bridge

A data bridge then securely routes the sensor measurement data to a monitoring portal via LTE, WiFi, or LAN transmission.

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Cloud-Based monitoring dashboard

Energy measurement data collected from the sensors is then instantly transmitted to your provided cloud-based portal. Here you will access your dashboard of real-time and historical energy usage data across all of your devices.

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Energy monitoring simplified

We cut through the complication of your hardware, software and dashboard set-up to get you monitoring as painlessly and quickly as possible. We arm you with the knowledge and tools to empower your energy understanding and offer continued guidance. However, ultimately these tools and equipment are yours to use as you wish no strings attached. Empowering businesses with objective energy insight tools helps us become a better energy partner and ultimately contributes to our greater mission of combating waste.

Energy monitoring FAQ's

How do energy monitors work?

Power monitoring sensors are clipped on to the wires in the electrical panel running power to each machine, which then take real-time measurements of the electrical current flowing through the wires to track each machines power consumption. Power metering sensors are also installed to monitor the power quality of the site.

Measurements taken by these sensors  are then routed to an online dashboard, where admins can login to view the power consumption of each device in the facility, report on energy use for measurement and verification purposes, learn opportunities for efficiency gains, and create automatic alerts for devices seeing erratic or faulty activity.

Will PEC install the energy monitoring system?

Yes. PEC is a turn-key solution provider that will handle any work related to system installation, along with post-installation support throughout the life of the system.

We will also provide training for system administrators on how to setup and manage their monitoring portals.

Is there a subscription fee for the monitoring portal?

No. The PEC Energy Monitoring solution is a one-time payment for the system and services provided. There is no ongoing subscription payment required for access to the monitoring portal or post-project support.

What is the difference between a power monitor and power metering devices?

The power monitoring sensors are current transducers (also known as CT’s) that snap on to the wires and measure the flow of electrical current running through to each device in your facility. These sensors are wireless, self-powered, and compact to allow for easy and non-intrusive installation in smaller sub-panels.

The power metering device is installed higher up in the electrical hierarchy (typically in a main panel) and measures both the facility voltage and the overall current flow to determine the power quality in the facility.

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