Steel facility reduces energy use by 73% with LED retrofit

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For this Metals USA steel plant in Tulsa, OK, reducing their annual energy use by 73% was just the beginning of benefits gained from a custom-designed LED retrofit.

Not only does the increase annual lighting spend, but the new system leverages high-quality, long-lasting LED fixtures that eliminate the need for costly and disruptive maintenance. Smart lighting solutions further compound efficiency by using lighting only when needed.

In addition to the downstream savings, Metals USA was also able to collect $25,976 in project incentives from their utility provider, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, to be applied towards the project cost.

Beyond the finances

Good lighting is good for the planet. With this investment into greater efficiency, Metals USA will save approximately 651,000 kWh’s of electricity consumed annually — equating to 396 tons of C02 from entering out atmosphere each year!

Most importantly, the improved lighting makes the facility a better place to work — improving safety, awareness, mood and morale among employees.

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