Will your business be impacted by the fluorescent lighting ban?

Several states across the U.S. including California, Oregon, and Colorado have enacted bans on the future sale and use of fluorescents in commercial and industrial spaces as soon as 2025.

In facilities where fluorescents are the predominant fixture type, maintaining current lighting systems will become more difficult, and access to fluorescent bulbs will become more expensive.

Creating a plan to move away from fluorescents is where we can help.

We partner with facility managers to solve these challenges and create a plan that works for you and your budget. Get in touch to discuss your facility. 

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Why are states banning fluorescents?

States are banning fluorescents for 2 primary reasons:

1. Mercury: Fluorescent lights (CFLs), used in many commercial and industrial facilities, contain toxic mercury which helps them emit light more efficiently.

When fluorescent lights break, this mercury is released into the environments, and has been demonstrated to take a significant toll on both humans and the environment.

2. Energy efficiency:
In addition, fluorescents are substantially less energy efficient than modern LED technology — leading to excessive energy waste (and spending!).

See full list of states and upcoming phase out dates:
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Maximizing impact and ROI with an LED Lighting Retrofit

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Taking on an unplanned lighting project can present a daunting task — but can also present a major opportunity if handled with care and long-term consideration.

Finding the right LED upgrade your facility can reduce energy spending by up to 80%, provide payback periods of under 3 years, slash carbon emissions, and dramatically improve the safety and overall environment for employees! 

Our team at PEC specializes in partnering with C&I businesses to design and deploy custom LED upgrades that best meet your strategic, operational, and ROI goals.

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Nearly 1M kWh saved each year at Garland, TX facility.

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Advanced control systems extract 74% annual energy savings over 6 projects.

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64% energy reduction resulting in 1,621,704 kWh's saved annually.


Funding your project with your energy savings

Meet budget requirements and get projects off the starting block. We will work with you to structure a payback program using the predictable energy savings gathered in your upgrade. 

Deploy business-changing light levels that slash energy waste and transform your working environment — all through a zero-interest, $0 capital requirement funding solution.  

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