Warehouse Lighting

Large warehouse spaces can be difficult and costly to light; PEC has extensive experience designing modern LED solutions for distribution centers.


Poorly lit warehouses are an invitation to accidents and other safety-related issues. Out-dated fluorescent and incandescent fixtures eat up energy and require costly maintenance.


PEC analyzes every inch of your warehouse and develops a lighting solution that improves productivity and prevents accidents. Our engineers will develop a customized lighting and control solution to achieve optimal light levels for every workspace while maximizing energy savings.

  • Reduce monthly energy expenses.
  • Increase worker productivity.
  • Support workplace safety goals.
  • Maximize state and local energy incentives.
  • Promote positive employee morale.

Why Does My Warehouse Need an LED Lighting Upgrade?

Lighting is often a warehouse’s greatest expense, especially if it isn’t as efficient as it should be. If your lights consume more power than they should, stay on longer than they need to, require constant maintenance, or aren’t well-suited for use in your environment they’ll seriously cut into your bottom-line.

To be effective, the lighting system in your warehouse must accomplish several different goals simultaneously. Since lean operations are key to long-term business success for a warehouse, distribution center or cold storage facility you’ll need to find a way to make your lighting:

Run Efficient

Warehouse lighting must be durable, consistent, and efficient enough to operate continuously without wasting power. Some of these lighting systems may need to withstand harsh environments such as below freezing temperatures for cold storage.

Save Money

Keeping a warehouse well-lit can quickly become a huge expense. Technology innovations like lighting occupancy sensors and dimming capabilities help keep costs down by ensuring you only use lighting where and when it’s necessary.

Work Happy

Keeping your warehouse safely and consistently lit is extremely important to ensure worker productivity, safety, and morale.

Help the Planet

When warehouse lighting is outdated or requires constant maintenance, it’s also wasting energy resources. Poor lighting won’t just affect your bottom line; it’ll substantially affect your business’ environmental footprint, too.

Believe it or not, an LED retrofit lighting solution can tackle each of these challenges at once. LED lighting upgrades can use up to 75% less energy and last 10 to 50 times longer. These systems can be customized for specific temperatures and innovations, providing more visible light than conventional systems.

Not all LED lighting upgrades are created equal. To make the most of LED lighting and control systems you’ll need to take an intelligent approach. A custom-design solution, the right LED fixtures for your warehouse needs and managed implementation is the best approach for long-term efficacy. That’s where our experts at PEC come in.


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How Could an LED Retrofit Help My Warehouse?

Retrofitting to LED lighting will help your business by making your space more efficient, safer, and more environmentally-friendly.

To maximize improvements in any warehouse lighting retrofit, it’s not enough to merely replace your current lighting fixtures. If you want your warehouse or distribution lighting to accomplish high-performance operational goals, your lighting system needs to be designed with each of those goals in mind.

Our LED retrofit lighting solutions work so well because they’re designed with your specific goals in mind.

With PEC’s approach, you can achieve a lighting solution that:

  • Improves light levels throughout the facility
  • Reduces energy usage (kWh)
  • Reduces energy spend over time
  • Drastically reduces maintenance and repair costs

In order to design a truly tailored solution, we get to know your business as well as your facility. We visit your warehouses, distribution centers, and cold storage facilities, assess your existing lighting system, ask you about your businesses’ unique challenges, and develop an understanding of your unique needs.

You’ll help us discover what you need for your warehouse’s lighting to best serve you, and we accomplish it.

Once we know what you need, we design a lighting solution that surpasses expectations. Our lighting concepts achieve business goals because they’re designed to achieve those goals specifically.  PEC lighting upgrades establish space-specific light-level standards to achieve optimal lighting levels that maximize energy savings. We have a team of experts that helps you qualify for available utility incentives and rebates that cover a portion of capital costs for these efficiency projects.

PEC isn’t just a lighting design partner. After we’ve designed the right lighting upgrade for you, we implement it too. We handle all aspects of your lighting project from end-to-end. We expertly deploy our solutions in warehouse environments, which is why brands like IKEA, Costco, Reddaway, and Food Services of America continuously put their trust in us.

By combining the latest and greatest LED lighting with customized, expertly-designed plans, PEC can provide your warehouse business with a lighting solution that impacts KPIs beyond energy savings and ROIs.

How Does an LED Lighting Upgrade Work?

When we design a lighting solution for your warehouse, we follow each step of our proprietary process to design, develop and deploy your project. Our lighting designers and project managers walk you through this process every step of the way. Here’s how our process works:

Energy Assessment

Figuring out what you need.

To start, our lighting engineers come to your warehouses to discuss and assess your lighting needs and goals. We’ll review all aspects of your current lighting system and how you use light in your workspace. Even more importantly, we’ll discuss your businesses’ goals with you to figure out what you need your lighting to do and how we can make that happen.

Energy Audit

Gathering the data.

After we’ve completed the initial assessment of your lighting usage and needs, our experts will conduct an exhaustive evaluation of your businesses’ power usage. We’ll walk through every inch of your facility, compile infrastructure data, measure your building’s dimensions, review your power bill history, and perform an onsite level analysis. This energy audit allows our experts to gather all the data they need to make sure the lighting solution they design has a real, measurable impact on your warehouse’s operation.

Lighting Design and Control Services

Putting together a plan.

Once we have the data we need, our experts begin designing the plan. We use 3D design software to conceptualize exactly what your lighting plan will look like manipulating optics, photometrics and light-levels to perform optimally in your warehouse space. We’ll present your new lighting concept to you so you can see exactly what your plan will look like before you commit.

Incentive Management

Capturing funds to  cover upfront costs.

Incentives are local and nation-wide initiatives designed to incentivize businesses like yours to switch to energy-saving lighting systems. By switching to LED lighting, you could automatically qualify for tax breaks, financial rewards, and other utility incentive programs. We’ll apply for those incentive programs on your behalf and design our programs to make sure you can attain them.

Project Management

Executing the plan.

After you approve our proposal, we’ll begin implementation according to your schedule. You’ll be assigned a Project Manager (PM) to coordinate the implementation process. They’ll manage your installation, schedule workers and deliveries, and make sure everything works to both of our standards.

Installation and Completion

Fulfilling your lighting goals.

When we’re finished implementing your lighting solution, your PM will perform one last on-site audit. This audit is to ensure everything is working exactly as intended and for us to see just how you’re benefiting from your LED upgrade.

How Will the PEC Process Impact My Warehouse Business?

PEC’s mission is impact. We want to design a lighting solution for your warehouse that will have a measurable, positive impact on your bottom line. Here are four concrete ways a project with PEC will improve your warehouse or distribution center:

Run Efficient

LED lights have a much longer life time, can be designed to consume much less power, and can be outfitted with control systems to further maximize their efficiency.

Save Money

Control systems automatically turn off lights whenever you’re not using them, ensuring that you only use your lighting when you need it. LED lights not only consume far less power, but they also require far less maintenance.

Work Happy

Our lighting concepts ensure that critical workspaces are properly lit and safe at all times, which can significantly reduce the danger of workplace accidents and improve employee morale.

Help the Planet

By wasting less power, your warehouse will also produce less energy waste, significantly reducing your environmental impact and qualifying you for helpful utility incentives.

When you call PEC, you may know your warehouse has a lighting problem or simply want to learn about how you could benefit from an LED lighting retrofit solution. No matter what your lighting needs or questions, when you work with PEC, you’ll end up with a lighting solution that’s customized to your unique challenges and goals, strengthens performance KPIs across your business, and has a lasting impact on your warehouse or distribution center. We want to know how we can impact you.

Our Process in Practice

We’ve developed and implemented highly impactful lighting upgrades for warehouses and distribution centers across the country. Here’s how we helped them:

Alpenrose Diary After

Alpenrose Dairy

Alpenrose Diary is a Northwestern producer and wholesaler of dairy products that maintain a variety of different warehouse facilities, including freezers and loading docks. PEC helped them by…

  • Designing custom solutions for over 5 facilities to improve interior and exterior lighting
  • Installing eco-friendly, highly efficient LED lighting that saves Alpenrose $40,321 in energy costs annually
  • Covering $91,213 of their expenses with utility incentives
  • Displacing 464,845 kWh of energy by making Alpenrose’s lighting much more efficient


Reddaway is a trucking warehouse business that employs 2600 people. PEC helped them by…

  • Developing a lighting plan that saved their warehouses $31,901 in energy costs annually
  • Covering $86,245 of their expenses with utility incentives
  • Displacing 341,918 kWh of energy by making Reddaway’s lighting much more efficient
  • Providing enough energy savings to ensure a complete rate of return on investment in only 2.55 years

Large Logistics Company

One of our Logistics clients is the world’s largest refrigerated warehouse company, and maintains 200 facilities. PEC helped them by…

  • Developing a lighting plan for their warehouses that saved $72,953 annually
  • Displacing 456,297 kWh of energy annually (reducing CO2 by 277.4 tons per year!)
  • Covering $12,960 of expenses via incentives
  • Providing enough energy savings to ensure a complete rate of return on investment in 3.21 years

We’ve completed over 7000 custom lighting projects, including designing impactful lighting solutions for warehouses of all types and sizes all over the US.

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