Automotive Dealership Lighting

We work with automotive retailers and dealerships to enhance security and create premium customer experiences.


Dim or poorly-lit auto showrooms can have severe consequences for both sales and customer experience. Out-dated lighting also requires continuous maintenance and can negatively impact safety and productivity—particularly in service bays.


PEC analyzes all areas of your auto dealership, showrooms, and service bays to improve performance and increase efficiency through modern, LED lighting. With a beautifully lit lot, you can draw people in. Plus, well-lit workspaces improve the productivity and safety of your service teams.

  • Effectively merchandise your vehicles.
  • Improve customer experiences.
  • Reduce monthly energy expenses.
  • Maximize state and local energy incentives.
  • Increase workplace safety and security.

Why Does My Dealership Need a Lighting Upgrade?

Your car dealership’s lighting is an integral part of your sales pitch. Poorly-lit lots and showrooms are less appealing to customers and could have a surprisingly negative effect on your bottom line. You need your lot and showrooms to display your merchandise in the literal best light possible.

Of course, you need to consider how to achieve that “best light possible” without breaking the bank! Automotive dealership lighting can be expensive to maintain for prolonged periods of time, especially if it’s outdated. In order to help sell your vehicles and impact business positively, your car dealership’s lighting has to overcome each of these challenges:

Run efficient

Car dealerships’ extensive lighting needs to run continuously during business hours. If your lighting is inefficient, it could waste enough power to make it seriously expensive.

Save money

Inefficient, power-wasting lighting systems end up cutting into a dealership’s margins significantly more than you might realize.

Work happy

Good lighting will help keep employees and customers safe and happy. Poor lighting will do the opposite.

Help the planet

Outdated lighting isn’t just more expensive and less efficient; it’s also wasteful. Inefficient lighting doesn’t just hurt you, it also hurts the environment.

An LED retrofit lighting solution is the easiest, most cost-effective, and most efficient way for your car dealership’s lighting to overcome these challenges and impact your bottom line in a positive way. LED lighting systems use up to 75% less energy and last 10 to 50 times longer than traditional systems.

Not all LED lighting solutions are created equal. In order to make the most of an LED retrofit, you’ll need experts to design and implement it correctly. That’s where the experts at PEC come in.

How Will a Retrofit Lighting Upgrade Help My Automotive Dealership?

Retrofitting LED lighting in your car dealership will directly help your business by displaying your vehicles more effectively, cutting down on your energy costs, while improving security and safety.

To truly maximize the savings and advantages our LED Retrofit lighting upgrade can provide, however, PEC will go even further. We custom design our lighting solutions for each car dealership we work with. By analyzing each critical area of your dealership, we can figure out your lighting goals and how we can achieve them. PEC’s lighting solutions will work for your dealership because they’re designed for your dealership.

By keeping your specific goals and concerns in mind, we’ll implement a lighting solution that:

  • Improves the quality of lighting in your showrooms and lot
  • Reduces energy usage (kWh)
  • Reduces energy spend over time
  • Drastically reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Results in critical business-wide KPI improvements

When you work with PEC, our lighting consultants get to know your business. We analyze your lot, showrooms, and service bays to figure out how we can improve performance and efficiency with LED lighting systems. We also learn about your unique challenges to develop a comprehensive understanding of your lighting goals.

Once we understand what you need, we figure out how to make it happen. We’ll design a plan that achieves optimal lighting levels, maximizes energy savings, helps you qualify for utility incentives, and makes sure you reach your operational performance goals. After we’ve designed the plan, we’ll install it seamlessly. We manage your project from end-to-end. Just contact us with your automotive dealership’s lighting problem. When we’re done, you’ll have a lighting solution that pays for itself–and then some!

How Does an LED Lighting Upgrade Work?

When you work with PEC, our experts will walk you through our proprietary process of design and implementation step by step. Here’s how it works:

Energy Assessment

This is where we define lighting success on your terms.
To start, our lighting engineers meet you at your dealership to assess your lighting needs and goals. We’ll get a first impression of your current lighting and how we could improve it. Even more importantly, we’ll work with you to figure out what you want your lighting to accomplish, and how we can help make sure that happens.

Energy Audit

This is how we figure out what it takes to achieve lighting success.
Next, our team digs into your car dealership’s lighting on a technical level. We compile infrastructure data, measure your building’s dimensions, review past power bills, and perform a complete onsite level analysis. We use this data to make sure the lighting solution we create has a real, measurable impact on your businesses’ bottom line.

Lighting Design and Control Services

This is where we make the plan to achieve your lighting success.
After we’ve collected the data we need, we start designing your plan. Our experts use the latest 3D design software to visualize what your workplace will look like after we’ve installed your new LED lighting concept. After we’ve developed the plan, you can “try before you buy” at this stage by seeing our full 3D estimation and asking any questions you have.

Incentive Management

This is where we make our lighting solution start paying for itself.
PEC’s team figures out which utility incentives your dealership could potentially qualify for and builds them into your plan. We’ll even apply for these incentives for you, handling all the paperwork and logistical management required to make sure you can attain and benefit from them.

Project Management

This is where we make your plan a reality.
After you’ve approved the plan, we’ll get started. You’ll be assigned a Project Manager (PM), who will act as your main point of contact through the end of the project. They’ll make sure you know what to expect, schedule work, arrange for all deliveries and installations, and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Installation and Completion

This is where you enjoy the benefits of your new lighting!
When we’re finished installing your LED lighting solution, your PM will perform one final onsite audit to confirm that everything’s working correctly. If we’ve met your highest standards, we’ll schedule a tour with an incentive inspector and have you fill out the final paperwork.

How Will the PEC Process Impact My Automotive Dealership?

Our mission is impact. We want our lighting projects to have a measurable, positive impact not just on your bottom line, but on your whole dealership. The PEC process will help you:

Run efficient

PEC’s LED lighting solutions last longer, reduced energy waste, and utilize automatic control systems that conserve power. LED lighting makes your operation far more energy-efficient.

Save money

LED lighting consumes significantly less power than its traditional counterparts and it’s also less expensive to operate. PEC’s lighting systems also require less maintenance and last longer than conventional lighting.

Work happy

By designing lighting solutions for your particular commercial business, we ensure you get the most safety-conscious, productive, and effective lighting possible.

Help the planet

The fact that LED lights waste less power and run more efficiently than other lights also means they’re much better for the environment. PEC’s lighting solutions can drastically reduce your businesses’ carbon footprint.

Our Process in Practice

We’ve developed and installed highly impactful lighting solutions for car dealerships just like yours. Here are some of our success stories:

We’ve completed over 7000 custom lighting projects, including designing impactful lighting solutions for car dealerships of all types and sizes.

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