Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Our experienced team develops sophisticated strategies to reduce operating costs and impact every aspect of employee experience, including productivity, comfort, safety and satisfaction.

Why we’re different

PEC is the most innovative energy optimization company in North America. Traditional lighting companies will try to sell you on their product entirely independent of what you’re looking to achieve with it. We’re anything but traditional.

Relax—You’re in good hands

Our team has been tapped by top companies to implement lighting solutions no one else can. Far from prescriptive, our proprietary approach involves a comprehensive evaluation of your site, existing technologies, and opportunities for improvement that help you run more efficiently.

Lighting with purpose

Let us show you how we can help you get better results from your energy use. Our recommendations aren’t via a printed list of fixtures and costs — we’ll provide you with a customized, three-dimensional blueprint of your space so you can see the visual impact of your new system before you buy.

Our Approach

Our services

Our end-to-end approach to environmental lighting helps you get better performance from your energy spend, maximizes space utilization and improves employee productivity.

Energy audit

During an energy audit, we evaluate your lighting energy use from every angle. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your space, we can present customized solutions for your business and its employees.

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Lighting design

We work in 3D. This helps everyone at the table visualize the real impact we can make on your environment. We apply lighting science and photometrics to ensure every inch of space has the right light.

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North West Pipe - Before and after an LED lighting project

LED retrofit

The energy-saving potential of an LED retrofit is massive - when done right. Our team of proven and trusted commercial lighting contractors can help you achieve your business goals on a grand scale.

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Control Systems

Take advantage of lighting control systems that automatically adjust lighting levels to fit your needs throughout the day.

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Have a project in mind?

We’d love to have a conversation about how we can help you get more out of your energy spend.