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Targeted Solutions for Tenants

Property management facility lighting prior to upgrade


One of the world’s largest industrial property management companies was experiencing significant issues related to their outdated lighting systems. These issues manifested in numerous ways causing safety concerns, less-than-optimal productivity, and excessive energy use for their tenants. However, since each tenant’s use of the spaces is different a one-size-fits-all approach would not work.

With such an extensive portfolio comprising differing needs, it was difficult to imagine how to serve their tenants with site-specific improvements. They needed expertise that could manage the complexity of each project and offer dynamic solutions on a site-by-site basis, taking the time to understand each building and its unique problems. Since this level of precision was not something they were equipped to handle they needed a provider with multi-site implementation experience.

Lighting upgrade project at property management facility


As industry leaders in energy optimization projects across North America PEC has transformed a wide-variety of C&I workspaces to become more efficient, happier, and more productive.

PEC’s highly detailed, tailored approach made us a perfect fit for this partner. With our knowledge in specifying and designing energy-efficient systems and our project management team to take care of the implementation, we were able to learn the specific needs of each site and its tenants’ needs in minute detail.
Applying a comprehensive understanding of each site and its tenants we were able to, not just save energy, but also solve each tenants’ site-specific problems while minimizing disruptions during the upgrade & implementation.

Transforming 29 sites and counting, PEC continues to deliver niche optimization solutions that make a real impact to this customers’ sites and their tenants’ businesses helping cement our customers standing as world leaders in property management.


  • Annual Energy Savings $29.8k
  • Annual Maintenance Savings $7k
  • Average Energy Reduction 45%
  • Sites complete 29

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