Howser Steel

Lighting—the key to workplace safety


Outdated lighting technology led to low light levels and high energy bills for this family-owned steel manufacturing business. A small, close-knit company, Howser Steel’s leadership had serious concerns about the safety of their staff in these hazardous conditions. Many employees had worked at the company for more than 20 years – and the owners knew their loyal team deserved lighting conducive to their needs.

“The improved lighting levels are like night and day. I would definitely recommend PEC – the amount of money we saved solely on our power bill each month more than covers our monthly payment for the project. It’s basically paying for itself!”
– Robin Howser, Howser Steel
howser steel after lighting solution


Rather than replacing the facility’s outdated lights individually, we took a holistic look at how the right lighting could help support the business – in some cases even reorganizing and removing unnecessary fixtures. Our team installed modern solutions to maximize efficiency and cut energy usage, including automatic dimmers when areas weren’t in use. The best part? With our Cashflow Advantage Program, Howser Steel immediately reaped the financial rewards and saved $11,000 per month in energy costs.


financial impact
Financial Impact
  • Annual Energy Savings $13,241
  • Expense Covered by Incentives: $25,140
  • Rate of Return on Investment: 2.57Years
  • Increase in Light Levels 267%
Environmental Impact
  • Displaced Capacity: 47.4 KW
  • Displaced Energy: 132,432 KWH
howser steel after lighting solution

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