Canron Portland

See the strength of new lighting


Canron Portland, a full-service steel fabrication and construction company, has contributed to a variety of iconic bridges, civic centers, and arenas in its long history. Unfortunately, inadequate lighting conditions jeopardized security and quality of work at their facility – resulting in poorly executed maintenance (which often had to be redone) and frequent theft from their expensive metal supply. When Pacific Energy Concepts met with Canron, company leadership was painfully aware of the costs associated with these lighting conditions.


To increase productivity and to protect Canron’s resources, Pacific Energy Concepts crafted a photometric analysis of their facility to maximize light and to reduce maintenance costs. The new lighting infrastructure optimized light levels across the facility, improved theft problems, and created significant benefits for task-specialized departments like painting (which saw nearly 3x the amount of light after the overhaul). Through our partnership with the Energy Trust of Oregon, Pacific Energy Concepts helped Canron to fully capitalize on available incentive programs by enhancing all interior and exterior office space, earning 30% more incentives and improving light quality simultaneously.


financial impact
Financial Impact
  • Annual Energy Savings $51,793
  • Expense Covered by Incentives: $131,721
  • Rate of Return on Investment: 1.54 Years
  • Increase in Light Levels 145%
Environmental Impact
  • Displaced Capacity: 93.72 KW
  • Displaced Energy: 598,939 KWH

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