Brenntag Pacific

Lighting the way to a brighter bottom line


On the wall at Brenntag Pacific, you’ll find a ticker indicating how many days they’ve gone without a safety incident. Operating heavy machinery in dim or poorly-lit work areas was an accident waiting to happen. Brenntag’s outdated lighting endangered employees and complicated even the simplest tasks – but this client’s concerns about spending upfront capital for an upgrade initially didn’t leave room for other options.


Utilizing our Cashflow Advantage Program, Brenntag was able to initiate a new lighting project immediately without breaking the bank. Not to mention, thanks to Performance+ through Energy Trust, more than 50% of the project was paid for by incentives. We took light level measurements, installed zonal controls, and incorporated recommendations from OSHA to completely overhaul the facility’s lighting. The upgrade amounted to a safer work environment for their employees… and their “Days Accident-Free” ticker on the wall has never looked better.


financial impact
Financial Impact
  • Annual Energy Savings $32,907
  • Expense Covered by Incentives $85,527
  • Rate of Return on Investment 1.73 Years
  • Increase in Light Levels 123%
Environmental Impact
  • Displaced Capacity 74.97 KW
  • Displaced Energy 365,667 KWH

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