Major Safety & Productivity Improvements for Airgas Made Across Hundreds of Facilities


Airgas has hundreds of varied facilities with outdated HID and fluorescent lighting across the USA. Many of these facilities have light levels below the industry guidelines for a safe and productive workplace. Airgas wanted consistent and predictable results from their lighting projects based on strict performance criteria, especially given the variation of their facilities use due to site hazards, light level requirement, and production process.

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PEC delivers predictable and consistent OPEX and maintenance reduction while improving safety, productivity. We accomplish this by providing a turn key project based on location specific requirements including: site survey, design, financial analysis, incentive manage­ment, and implementation based on Airgas’ technical requirements.


financial impact
Financial Impact
  • Annual Energy Savings $87,958
  • Expense Covered by Incentives: $84,270
  • Rate of Return on Investment: 4.38 Years
Environmental Impact
  • Displaced Energy: 612,120 KWH

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